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Issuance of Partially Revised ADS Chapter 252, Visa Compliance for Exchange Visitors

This notice announces the partial revision of ADS Chapter 252, Visa Compliance for Exchange Visitors. This chapter has been revised to update the policy directives and required procedures related to visa compliance for foreign nationals who are traveling to the United States for any purpose, including invitational travel and participant training, and are financed (either program or administrative costs), in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by USAID.

ADS Chapter 252, Visa Compliance for Exchange Visitors

Key Revisions Include:

  • 252.1 - Clarifies the definition of an EV as being a beneficiary of the EV activity;

  • 252.3 - Clarifies the eligibility of USAID implementing partner staff as EVs; Clarifies the exception of International Public Organization (PIO) sponsored EV (with specific stipulations);

  • 252.3.2 - Declares that Medical Certification and Selection Eligibility is now optional; Removes reference to AID Form 1382, Guide to Medical Fitness Standards (form retired);

  • 252.3.4 - Clarifies that Dependent Certification applies to same-sex spousal-dependents in the same manner as opposite-sex spousal-dependents;

  • - Provides a reference to Estimated Timeframes for J Visa Processing

  • - Establishes additional mandatory requirements and clarification regarding the appropriate completion and handling of AID Form 1381-6, Conditions of Sponsorship for U.S.-Based Activities

  • - Establishes new mandatory Agency policy regarding EV automobile ownership, and clarifies other related matters;

  • 252.3.9 - Establishes new mandatory Agency policy for the EV taxpayer ITIN application process, in response to recent changes in IRS regulation.

Any questions concerning this notice may be directed to:
-- James Nindel, E3, (202) 567-4101,, or
-- Jeffrey Shahan, E3, (202) 567-4061,

Announcement Date: August 27, 2014