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Visa Processing Times

The total number of weeks is an estimate based on time needed for: conducting the Security Risk and Fraud Inquiry, Mission processing procedures, submission and printing of the DS-2019, express-mailing the DS-2019 form to the Mission, and the consular interview. Click on the highlighted country names for additional details.

If you do not see your country listed below you can click here.

Country Total Weeks
Afghanistan Programs for U.S. training have been suspended
Albania 7-10 Weeks
Antigua and Barbuda 4 Weeks
Armenia 2 Weeks
Bangladesh 6 Weeks
Barbados 4 Weeks
Belarus 9-16 Weeks
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Botswana 6 Weeks
Brazil 2 Weeks
Cambodia (RDMA) 7-8 Weeks
Chile (RDMA) 2-3 Weeks
China, Peoples Republic of (RDMA) 2-3 Weeks
Colombia 6 Weeks
Democratic Republic of Congo
Djibouti 3-4 Weeks
Dominica 4 Weeks
Dominican Republic 10 Weeks
Eastern and Southern Caribbean 4 Weeks
Egypt 4 Weeks
El Salvador 5 Weeks
Ethiopia 2-3 Weeks
Georgia 4-8 Weeks
Ghana 3 Weeks
Grenada 4 Weeks
Guyana 4 Weeks
Haiti 4 Weeks
Honduras 8-12 Weeks
India 4-6 Weeks
Indonesia 9 Weeks
Jordan 4-6 Weeks
Kazakhstan(CAR) 8 Weeks
Kenya/East Africa 6-7 Weeks
Kosovo 4 Weeks
Kyrgyz Republic(CAR) 8 Weeks
Laos (RDMA) 2-3 Weeks
Lebanon 8 Weeks
Liberia 4 Weeks
Lesotho 6 Weeks
Malawi 7-8 Weeks
Malaysia (RDMA) 2-3 Weeks
Mexico 11 Weeks
Mongolia 6 Weeks
Mozambique 3 Weeks
Nepal 8 Weeks
Nigeria 6-7 Weeks
Pakistan 6-8 Weeks
Papua New Guinea (RDMA) 2-3 Weeks
Peru and South America Regional (SAR) 6-8 Weeks
Philippines 8 Weeks
Rwanda 4-5 Weeks
Senegal 5-7 Weeks
South Africa 6 Weeks
South Sudan
Sri Lanka 10-12 Weeks
St. Kitts and Nevis 4 Weeks
St. Lucia 4 Weeks
St. Vincent and Grenadines 4 Weeks
Suriname 4 Weeks
Swaziland 6 Weeks
Tanzania 9 Weeks
Thailand (RDMA) 2-3 Weeks
Tajikistan(CAR) 8 Weeks
Timor Leste
Trinidad and Tobago 4 Weeks
Turkmenistan(CAR) 8 Weeks
Uganda 5-7 Weeks
Ukraine 5 Weeks
Uzbekistan(CAR) 8 Weeks
Vietnam 7-8 Weeks
West Africa
West Bank/Gaza 6 Weeks
Zambia 5-7 Weeks